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Real People of the Pocket - Batman - AKA Dr Dave
You know how there are some people you just click/vibe with instantly? Well, Batman/Bruce Wayne/Dr Dave (a Clinical Geneticist, Paediatrician and Metabolic Physician) and his family and I have clicked, owing to their amazing and kind natures. I recently had the pleasure of selling their home, so they could move into our glorious Fig Tree Pocket. Dr Dave is super fun and obsessed with Batman. Did I mention he's obsessed with Batman?
What about Fig Tree Pocket appealed to you the most? 
Open space and a feeling of being in the country. 
How do you like to spend your weekends / spare time?
With my small family, watching as much sport as possible, and supporting the Mighty Manly Warringah Sea Eagles. 
When you're not here, living the dream, where's your second favourite place in the world to travel to, and why?
Hawaii. I seem to blend in there. 
What's the secret to happiness?
Hard work, hard play, family time, and not taking yourself too seriously. 
Do you have a guilty pleasure?
I own a large number of loud shirts. 
Best concert, show or sporting event you've ever been to?
Tom Waits "Glitter and Doom Tour" seen in Dublin. 
How are you going to spend your next 50 years?
Supporting the Mighty Manly Warringah Sea Eagles.
Good on you Dr Dave!
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