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Real People of the Pocket - the Fam Bam

Fig Tree Pocket is THE Brisbane suburb for families, so naturally I've ensured some of my own is closeby with some (constant) encouragement; introducing my wonderful daughter Alexandria and her precious little fam.

Tell us about your immediate family

I’ll start off with my lovely husband I met 7 years ago - Josh, he’s from Brighton UK - moved over 13 years ago with his whole family. 

Fast forward to now, we have been married 4 years, bought a house in lovely FTP and have 2 beautiful little humans both under the age of 2. So life right now is very busy!! 

How did you come to live in FTP?

I remember moving here when I was about 4. I've attended daycare in the area (one I've subsequently worked at for 4 years); went to FTP state school and plan on sending my children to the same school. I want to give them the best childhood I possibly can and believe FTP gave that to me growing up. 

How do you spend your days and weekends here?

I mix it up between the two lovely parks that are a 5-10minute walk from my house, to walking along the river with my dog. If I feel like a coffee I visit Lone Pine and that also gives my little toddler a chance to see some animals too and have a little run around. 

Tell us about your role at the childcare centre and what you love about it?

I was an assistant educator for 4 years and just loved the conversations I’d have with all the children... their creative imagination would always bring a smile to my face! What I love most about the centre is the big beautiful all natural back yard - so much so, I’m sending my little one there next year.

What's the best part about living here?

The beautiful parks and our friendly community! 

What's on your bucket list?

To live life to the fullest, being happy and healthy, and to travel as much as I can with my family. 

When you've got a spare minute to yourself, what do you like to do?

Yoga, runs, maybe a bit of a pamper session too haha. 

What makes your heart sing?

Seeing my little humans happy! 

Best song to dance to?

A bit of Beyoncé never disappoints! 



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