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Real People of the Pocket - The Super Lovely Therese...

If you've lived in Fig Tree Pocket for a while and your children attend/attended Gan Gani you're sure to have encountered Therese. A more kind and calming lady you won't find!

When did you move to Fig Tree Pocket, and what brought you here?

I moved to Fig Tree Pocket with my family in 2013. It had long been on our radar as our family grew. My husband grew up in the Western Suburbs and was keen to move closer to family, to a place with a bigger block and not too built up.

What do you love most about living here?

I love the sense of community and the 'semi-rural' feel to some of the neighbourhood.

Tell us about your role at Gan Gani.

I work as the Teacher at Gan Gani Kindy in the Thursday-Friday group. My daughter attended Kindy here and we had a wonderful experience. I began as an Educator in 2017, and began as Teacher in 2019. Every day is rewarding!

How do you spend your free time?

My free time is pretty sparse but mostly, I am a serious 'potterer' - the garden, reading and exploring bookshops and cooking...and planning holidays!

What's number one on your travel list?

My personal travel list includes Uluru and the Great Ocean Road.

Any super powers you'd love to have?

We talk about super powers at Kindy all the time...we talk about kindness as a great Super Power. But for myself, I'd love to possess the Power of Punctuality...!

How would you spend the ideal weekend?

If it's a rainy one: a fireplace, good book, great food/drink and even greater company! If not, a walk in the bush and a picnic with loved ones.


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