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Real People of the Pocket - Baby Josh (do-do-do-do-do-do)

This week we speak to a small member of the Fig Tree Pocket community (in stature, not lungs), who can regularly be found eating sticks and dirt at the Biami Yumba Park... 

What brought you to Fig Tree Pocket?

Mummy and Daddy.

What do you think of the local community?

I love the horses, i love my friends, i love all the people who wave to me. I'm very happy. I also love the kids who share their toys with me in the sandpit at the coloured swings park.

How do you spend your days here?

At the park, talking to the horsies, looking at the duckies, and taking my big dog Lou-lou for a walk.

What are your long-term goals?

To get to Gan-Gani Kindy - my Mummy went there, and my Nanna raves about it. Also; more food, fewer naps.

What life lessons can you impart?

Be good to your grandparents - they will do anything for you. My Papa buys me hot chips and a chocolate milkshake on our dates. Don't tell Mummy.


Don't worry Baby Josh, we won't tell Mummy (Shhhhhhh!)

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